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Prices Bowling alley 

Bowling price per lane (maximum 6 people per lane):

Montay - Friday until 18.00 € 20,00
Friday from 18.00            € 22,50
Saturday and Sunday  € 22,50
Bank holidays € 25,00

Drinks and snacks

Complete your bowling fun with a snack and a drink:

Mixed nuts € 1,00
Cheese bites                                                                 € 3,00
Marinated olives                                                                 

€ 3,00

Bitterballen (hot bread-crumbed ragout) 5 balls                                                 

€ 4,25
Chicken bolts   € 5,50
Bittergarnituur (savoury appetizers)                                                                € 10,50

Bowling packages

Fancy a bite to eat in our cosy restaurant, before or after bowling? Then book one of our special bowling deals

1 hour bowling and meal for € 18,50 p.p.

Valid for groups of 6 or more (older than12)*

Choose one of the following main courses:

  • Pan-fried half chicken 
  • Schnitzel with a sauce of your choice
  • Salmon fillet with Hollandaise sauce
  • Stuffed aubergine with feta, walnuts and peppers
  • Children's dish of your choice*

These dishes are served with vegetables, salad and potato garnish

* For children under 12 you pay € 12.50 and can choose one from the selection of children's dishes. They also have free access to the indoor playground.

We can also make a tailor-made bowling package to suit your needs


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