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Flyboarding is a spectacular water sport where you hover above the water with the aid of a waterjet.

A special watercraft is used for this purpose. Due to the power of the water it is possible to do different stunts like diving like a dolphin or flying like a superhero, up to fifteen metres above the surface. The enormous feeling of freedom and the adrenalin kick that this unique sport brings is something you will want to hold on to.

The great thing about flyboarding is that everyone can master it fairly quickly and will be diving through the water in no time at all. Be careful though, because before you know it, you may become addicted to this cool sport!

Every Saturday and Sunday at De Veerstal!

Flyboard 30 minutes € 49,-
10 min. theory & 20 min. flyboarding

Hoverboarding 30 minutes € 69,-
10 min. theory & 20 min. hoverboarding

+31 (0)6 44 200 157

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